Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy Statement

hse-environmentRig Oil International Services (ROIS) Ltd is committed to providing operations and services to suit its customers’ requirements. Quality, health, safety, and environmental policy and objectives are therefore of paramount importance to ROIS in achieving its goals.

It is the policy of Rig Oil International Services (ROIS) Ltd to manage all activities and operations in a responsible manner that protects the health and safety of its employees, contractors and public and minimizes any adverse impacts on the environment.

Sustainable development has been a key focus within ROIS culture and at ROIS environmental sustainability is considered a continuous process that requires prudent use and preservation of our natural resources. Therefore ROIS is an active and committed partner in the communities where we live, work and conduct business.

We are dedicated to operating in an environmentally responsible manner. Sustainable environment issues, such as preservation of natural resources, energy efficiency and climate change, are issues that require thorough analysis and stakeholder dialogue beyond borders.



A safe working environment is of paramount importance to any organization and its great asset, PEOPLE. In this context, Rig Oil International Services (ROIS) Ltd take pride in adhering to the strictest standards in safety, striving to maintain a ZERO accident rate for all our operations. We have initiated a group wide active EHS committee who constantly monitors, identifies, suggest and implements appropriate EHS methods. Out of several measures, frequent training sessions on EHS, Presentations, Demonstrations and pre & post Project Safety brings and sharing of learning’s are some key initiatives, helping ROIS Ltd to constantly be up the mark on the ‘ZERO Accident’ free environment.