Rig Oil International Services (ROIS) Ltd is an upstream oil and gas company involved in providing supply chain management support services for the International Oil & Gas companies. Established since 2012 Rig Oil International Services (ROIS) Ltd is a leading supplier of oilfield equipment and spare, and labour management services to both onshore and offshore markets. We are well positioned to meet the needs of the market and take a tailored approach to ensure our clients’ requests are met. Our oil¬field support services include procurement, Labour management, integrated logistics, and engineering services to the oilfields. Rig Oil International Services (ROIS) Ltd for many years as a service provider diligently ensures total customer solutions.

We are experts in the Oil & Gas Industry both offshore and onshore and can assure you of 100% accuracy.   Always striving for innovation, ROIS Ltd provides the most cost-effective and process-efficient solution Smarter, Faster and reliable, utilizing the state of the art latest technology and highly experienced personnel to meet the growing demands of on-site services. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for providing realistic, practical solutions to support our clients to limit downtime and increase operation efficiency. At Rig Oil International Services (ROIS) Ltd, we take great pride on our gracious and practical approach of our business acumen. We have standards and well established procedures to meet client’s requirements and provide quality services. We are focused on developing the supply chain distribution capabilities, we have had significant experience and we hope to leverage that with a lot of the oil and gas clients.  Above all, Rig Oil International Services (ROIS) Ltd. is your Smarter, Faster and reliable support service provider for the oil and gas industry.

Rig Oil International Services (ROIS) Ltd is a benchmark company for oil & gas support services in Ghana, Gulf of Guinea with potential to expand into other African countries. Our strategic advantage is our capabilities in a wide range of services including labour management, integrated logistics services, procurement, and various other support services such as consultancy, engineering, construction services, catering, accommodation and leisure.

Our main asset is our team of industry experts and professionals who share over a decade of experience with us in various sectors of the oil and gas industry, working in all parts of the world. We understand the critical need to meet deadlines and deliver on schedule. We believe in integrating our activities with those of our clients in order to work cooperatively towards the accomplishment of their goals. We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations in all activities we undertake on their behalf.

We have track records in providing supply chain management support and other support services for many large scale projects, meeting tight schedules and strict deadlines with our clients’ best interest in mind.   We are able to provide same high quality services we offer all our clients and look forward to offer our services to you shortly.

At Rig Oil International Services (ROIS) Ltd., we guarantee service reliability, fast turnaround, cost effective solution, high quality, high data security, disaster management, flexible culture and cost of every job is estimated accurately based on man hour cost. There is no guess work in our cost estimation or our performance. We quote after discussing and mutually agreeing to a comprehensive scope of work with our clients.

We specialize in the following areas:

  •  Labour Supply and Management
  • Procurement
  • Car rental
  • Ware Housing and Yard services and storage
  • Helicopter Transfers and Passenger Crew Change
  • Catering Services
  • Hotel & Residential Accommodation
  • Immigration Clearance & Entry/Residence Visa Processing Handling
  •  Visa Clearance and work permit for Technical Crew.
  • Meet and Greet Services
  • Bunkers, Chase Boats, and Security Staff
  • Husbanding & Customs Clearance
  • Vessel Agency Services
  • Travel and Helicopter Crew Transfers & Logistic Support to and from the vessel.


  • Right Quality
  • Right Quantity
  • Right Price
  • At the Right time
  • Service Reliability
  • Fast Turn Around
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • High Quality
  • Disaster Management
  • Flexible Culture

Our Vision
To become the most smartest, fastest and most reliable  upstream service provider for oil and gas sector in Africa and the world.

Our Mission
To leverage the knowledge of local skills and the use of our international technical support network to meet sophisticated requests from  clientele. At ROIS Ltd., we believe in offering our clientele impeccable delivery of quality and valued goods and services in a smarter,  faster and reliable basis.’

Our Purpose

  • To build a long-term sustainable and profit business that is respected within the wider business community and which creates value for its stakeholders.
  • To foster long-term relationships with our customers by delivering responsive, faster, safe and reliable and value- added solution.
  • To communicate openly and honestly with our employees, offering them on-going development opportunities, providing a fun and safe place to work and treating them with respect at all times.
  • To establish long term relationships with our suppliers by treating them fairly and helping them grow profitably.
  • To be recognized by the communities where we work as a good neighbor who provides employment, participates in the community and protect the environment.

Core Values

  • Safety Conscious
  • Professionalism
  • Innovative
  • Integrity
  • Loyal
  • Team-work